Tamara Gascombe


Tamara popped in on the PCs when they went to meet Brandon Mikazawa. She informed them that Brandon screwed an infiltration job she hired him on and is in need of terminal correction. In the encounter that followed, Mikazawa tried to turn the party against Tamara insinuating that she was the one responsible for causing the damage to the Proteus implants. Weathertop, held Tamara at the throat with a blade until Mikazawa was dispatched. Tamara blamed Lucid Industries for the sabotaged implants and said that the Megacorp did this to try to frame the SFF. Weathertop let her go and she and Rasmus disappeared into the Coreways.

Rasmus Blake is her colleague that follows her around appearing to be hired muscle.

Public records indicate she used to be a former Synthesis biocyber tech, she left Synthesis after an unfortunate lab accident killed her 2 children.

She’s a tall, synthetically pretty woman with dark hair and fashionable hazel eyes, apparently in her mid-twenties. She is aggressively nondescript in her clothing and comportment.

Tamara is a member of the SFF – Stained Freedom Front.


Tamara Gascombe

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