Level 2

Psionic Disciplines/ level:
Biopsionics/ 2
Teleportation/ 2

Culture/Criminal: 0
Culture/Spacer: 0
Perception: 0
Science: 0
Tech/Astronautic: 0
Tech/Medical: 1
Tech/Psitech: 0

Saved Skill Points: 2


Weathertop’s childhood was on a timber/prairieland planet as a member of an on-the-run group of psychics. The local religious sect (dragon worshipers?) wants the psychics hunted down as they pose a threat to the rule of the dragons. His Mother and father are both psychic healers, from whom he’s trained. He was also brought up with wildlife/fauna lore in order to feed and heal themselves and other travelers they came across (think native american gypsy). Weathertop also has scouting skills.


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