Population: 843
Capital City: The Hub
Head of State: Name/Title
Climate: An inhospitable wasteland – If you survive the noxious volcanic fumes, you’ll contend with the brutal cold.

  • Atmosphere: Invasive, Toxic
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Biosphere: Miscible
    Major Cities: Tunnel 9, pop. 356; Tunnel 4, pop. 212
    Government: Almost everyone on planet is a mining employee. Corporate politics rule Koruta.
    Tech Level: 4

Known Drill Routes:
Polychrome: (1) (Who owns route data)
Tides: (1) (Who owns route data)

System Registry

Koruta is little more than a mining operation. Paqu Station resides above the planet in geosynchronous orbit. An orbital lifter provides the main link between the station and the surface. Koruta has long provided a steady source of valuable minerals. Control changed frequently as corporations bought and sold mining rights until The Ebarus Consortium reigned it in and it has become a steady source of important income.


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